What is the Role of a CCO in Cybersecurity Risk Management?

Examiners are focused on cyber and data risk management more than ever. A Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) ensures that a firm is complying with regulatory requirements and that the firm and its employees are complying with internal policies and procedures. However, with all the focus from the SEC and FINRA on cyber, just managing policies and procedures is not enough.

Regulators want to know more about your company’s overall cyber compliance program and are prepared to ask you pointed questions. Cybersecurity risk management has its challenges due to everchanging threats and the evolving technological landscape. Today it’s more important to be proactive than reactive. In many firms, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is tasked with mitigating cybersecurity risk. CCOs should be a strategic partner and work with CISOs to handle cybersecurity risk, with the CISO taking primary responsibility for information security tools and the CCO assuming responsibility for policies and procedures.

If you are a CCO that is facing the challenges of maintaining a compliant cybersecurity program, consider outsourcing your cyber management.

Discover the Advantages of Outsourcing Your Cyber Management with SDDco Cyber’s Compliance and Guidance Offering

SDDco Regulatory Services, LLC, a division of the SDDco Group, will provide:

  • Customized Policy and Procedure Development, Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Cyber and Data Security Risk Assessments and Training
  • Email Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • State and Federal Mock Examinations
  • Vendor Vetting and Due Diligence
  • Information Data Control
  • Ongoing Employee Training Across Cybersecurity and Regulation S-P

Our SDDco Cyber team of distinguished consultants and certified recovery professionals create, test and monitor customized Information Governance policies, procedures and response plans for your company to rely on in event of an incident. These plans cover required notifications, reporting, law enforcement actions and identity theft. Our team fully manages the incident by handling incoming calls, assisting with fraud, and performing research and remediation needed to achieve pre-event status.

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