Late last year, we came to your office looking for a partner that would help us work smarter as a firm. You have been a great partner. We have been able to improve our compliance and accounting areas in a major way, while also establishing some new best practices for the firm to follow in the years to come. We are very happy that we found the SDDco Group. Thank you!

Donald C. Carey, Jr. | ShoreBridge Capital Partners, LLC

SDDco has provided accounting, tax and regulatory compliance advice to ACF International Inc. on an outsourced basis since 1996—well over 15 years of flawless service. SDDco has a profound knowledge of their business and a deep understanding of ours— a U.S. broker-dealer with a foreign parent company. Each member of the SDDco team stands out for complete professionalism and reliability, giving ACF an absolute peace of mind in a sometimes complex accounting and regulatory environment.

Cristina Del Sol | President, ACF International Inc., (subsidiary of Ahorro Corporación Financiera, S.V., S.A.)

S.D. Daniels and our company, Oddo Securities, have the same objective—knowing our customer needs and delivering the best execution. SDDco employees are extremely professional at every level and in all fields of business and we have developed a high standard of trust since the beginning. Communication is key in our business and SDDco is reliable and accessible.

Phillip Bouclainville | CCO/CEO Oddo Securities Corporation

I have found that SDDco is an extremely engaged partner in accounting and compliance, and I personally brought in SDDco when I joined a new firm. I have recommended SDDco as “Best in Class” and consider their level of professionalism and dedication to be second to none.

Tamara Hunter | Executive Representative, Handelsbanken Markets Securities, Inc.

As a small, tech start-up, SDDco was essential to the rapid growth of our business. SDDco ensured we stayed on track and that everything was accounted for. We fully realized the quality of their work and SDDco’s reliability when preparing documents for potential fundraising opportunities. Our accountants, Rick and Mike, were available to answer our questions any time during the week and weekends, treating us like a priority client regardless of how insignificant our questions.

Amanda Hascoe | Financial Analyst at The Niche Project, Inc.

My relationship with S.D. Daniels & Company began nearly 25 years ago. Initially, the firm was retained to provide accounting services to the private equity firm I started. When I saw how knowledgeable and practical they were, I switched all my personal accounting and tax matters to them. Over the years, I have found the firm to be an invaluable resource; always responsive in providing sensible, intelligent and useful advice. The firm is comprised of a great team that adheres to the highest ethical standards. I would recommend them without reservation.

Peter Gottsegen | Managing Partner, CAI Managers & Co., L.P.

We were directed to SDDco by a highly credible professional, whose stamp of approval was very important to us. We interviewed one other company but felt an immediate connection with the SDDco team who immediately put us at ease by understanding our needs and helping us to set up and administer the appropriate systems. The team has definitely helped us at every turn of our business growth. We’ve had to go through a number of complex structural changes and employed the knowledge and resources of the combined Compliance/Accounting/Tax functions at SDDco to optimize the outcome for us. Their guidance has certainly rendered us value.

Jonathan Gordon | Partner, Atwood Capital Partners

As a financial entity from India, unfamiliar with the U.S., we were looking for an entity which clearly understood our needs in setting up a foreign-owned, U.S. registered broker-dealer, particularly one to operate under an SEC Rule 15a-6 business model. SDDco came very well recommended. Their level of industry sophistication, expertise and professionalism has been very impressive and consistent. In addition to financial and operating services, we use their accounting and tax consultancy practice. We cannot recommend them more highly.

Luis F. Restrepo | Chief Executive Officer, Religare Capital Markets, Inc.

S.D. Daniels & Co. (“SDDco”) was highly recommended to us over 15 years ago as an outsourced FINOP for our newly formed broker-dealer. They have done an excellent job in freeing up our resources so that we have been able to concentrate on building our business. SDDco performs a vital role offering an objective view of our financial information which helps us steer our business toward greater profitability. Over the years, our relationship has grown, and we now utilize their accounting services for our other affiliates as well. They have been a true partner, providing professional and reassuring service while being flexible and responsive to our needs. Ultimately, SDDco enables us to deliver a better level of service to our clients.

Andrea Tessler | Managing Director, Family Management Corporation (www.familymanage.com)

My relationship with SDDco has grown over 20 years because they provide expertise as well as solutions, and I get access to incredible accounting, tax and compliance. SDDco follows our business as closely as we do and are considered a part of our greater family.

Craig Skolnick | CFO, CAI Funds

The SDDco Group is a first-rate organization. When I needed a reliable FinOp, SDDco was recommended by many. Their people are very professional and have provided multiple services to our Firm over the many years. We feel fortunate to work with this organization.

Mark Mason | Managing Director, Transpacific Group LLC

The SDDco Group has been a key compliance partner since our firm’s inception, an invaluable resource for us.

Judson Tuohy | President, Tuohy Brothers Investment Research

SDDco provides SkyWorks the comfort of knowing that to the extent we were ever to face any knowledge gaps due to employee turnover, that we would have a business partner sufficiently familiar with our processes to help us minimize the likelihood of any issues arising. Also, I like that one firm can service my accounting, tax and compliance needs. SDDco is a trusted business partner that helps its clients with understanding their real needs and requirements on an ongoing basis, and then customizing its approach accordingly.

Steven T. Gaal | President & COO, SkyWorks Holdings LLC

Our business was a startup broker-dealer, thus our objective was to obtain additional support and assurance as we consider governance and accurate reporting a top priority. SDDco professionals are very personal and knowledgeable so there were no concerns about outsourcing. The biggest benefit SDDco provides is peace of mind. I would be willing to recommend SDDco to others as they are reliable, trustworthy, courteous, knowledgeable and accessible.

CFO of a Broker-Dealer subsidiary of a major bank abroad

When seeking reliable and professional FinOp and Compliance Management services, I didn’t have to search far since SDDco Group has a long standing reputation within my network that is unprecedented. SDDco Group is well known for integrity, high service levels and extensive attention to detail. We enjoy the comfort of knowing the SDDco Group is constantly reviewing our efforts both on and off site. SDDco Group’s on site staff is courteous of our time and smoothly conduct compliance services without interruption. The rules and regulations in our industry can be difficult to keep up with. The SDDco Group has on several occasions educated my team and has prevented our company from paying penalties. I can safely say The SDDco Group has proven its value to my organization year after year, and we are proud to have them as a critical part of our team.

Jennifer Prinz | President, PCS Securities, Inc.

I became a client of S.D. Daniels more than twenty-five years ago with the singular purpose of preparing my annual income tax. I was amazed then how dedicated the firm was in their tax advice and in the counsel given to me in other financial matters. This dedication has not wavered, though the firm has grown so dramatically. Their professional staff stays true to the personal business culture that was the key to their success from day one.

Paul Carter | tax client


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