Services/ Tech Startup Accounting & Consulting

SDDco helps technology firms and other business ventures root, grow, and expand to maturity.  Our professionals perform setup functions, such as assisting the development of new banking and law firm relationships, facilitating business structure applications and personnel licensures, as needed, and establishing accounting software, systems, and procedures.

SDDco offers accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and consulting services; prepares monthly and annual financial reports; and provides other forms of operational support.

The scope of our engagement can be tailored to meet your anticipated business needs.


Back office efficiency is essential to your success. For six decades, SDDco has been recognized for its accuracy and professionalism in all phases of outsourced accounting and consulting services for new ventures, be it product, technology, or service based.

Accounting Services for Startups:

  • Establish your startup’s books and records, including chart of accounts
  • Set up your accounting software systems online or at your location
  • Prepare your cash or accrual based monthly financial statements
  • Facilitate budget preparations to anticipate your funding needs
  • Furnish accounting guidance to your legal counsel
  • Manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Reconcile your company bank accounts
  • Provide entry level tax preparation services
  • Prepare 1099, 1096, and other year-end reports

Consulting Services for Startups:

  • Devise a plan for company structure based on initial ownership and long term goals
  • Assist with your selection of outsourced providers of insurance, legal, and payroll services
  • Support your attorney on accounting and tax issues associated with selected legal structure
  • Consult on forms of equity from founders stock, convertible debentures, preferred stock
  • Discuss funding methods and the associated accounting principles
  • Develop systems of internal controls and accounting policies
  • Design appropriate plan for employee benefits (medical, retirement, bonuses)
  • Consult on staff retention plans including stock options and other equity based compensation


Engage us to assist your firm on a more intensified basis by performing as your Chief Financial Officer or Controller. An SDDco professional can be retained to service your firm onsite, as often as weekly, to assume a variety of financial and business operations responsibilities.

Services may include: startup management; payroll assistance; strategic business and financial planning; cost reduction improvements; contract negotiation and administration; banking relationship management; risk assessment and advising; and taxation and audit facilitation.

Why Outsource with Us?

SDDco clients realize the many benefits of outsourcing these functions, including a significant cost savings and a consistent superior product. 

  • Best Execution: Improve venture productivity by outsourcing back office duties so you can focus on your core goal—bringing your innovation to the marketplace.
  • Management Reporting: It is crucial for new businesses to know their financial standing to budget and convey performance to outside investors and other interested parties.
  • Industry Alignment: Most business ventures need assistance navigating the rules and regulations pertaining to their industry.
  • Financial Projections: Many companies fail due to under capitalization.  Benefit from SDDco guidance on how to stabilize the financial structure of your company.
  • Retainer Billing: Partnering with our support under one monthly fee enables firms to tap our expertise without watching the clock. SDDco engagements feature regular onsite visits and ongoing offsite access.
  • Trusted Track Record: SDDco has helped new firms become well established businesses since 1952.  Our highest compliment is your long term success.


SDDco specializes
in two industries.

Our know-how and our network supports the financial services & tech industries.

We hold the right training and licensures to keep you in step and mitigate risk.

Our Credentials


SDDco supports
industry leaders.

We oversee back office functions so you can focus on your own clients.

Major banks, private funds, RIAs, BDs, and tech startups choose us.

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SDDco is as good
as its great people.

Our CPAs, FinOps and
consultants are licensed,
experienced professionals.

Partner with us for start-ups and for ongoing accounting, compliance and tax work.

Our People


SDDco performs
services onsite.

Outsourced support with
SDDco isn’t out of sight.

We work in your space and for your team on a regular basis. Engage the expertise without the fulltime hire.

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SDDco observes
AICPA principles.

Our inaugural firm began
when two CPAs opened
a NYC office back in 1952.

We faithfully maintain the CPA standards: integrity, competency, confidentiality….

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